A list of my (BorderLass) media appearances.


22nd April – Listed on Moving Shoe’s Master Collection of the World’s Best Travel Blogs

10th April – Featured on a guide to Montenegro – Montenegro Click

10th April – Featured on a Montenegrin radio station AntenaM

2nd April – Featured on a Montenegrin blog Parks Dinarides


21st December – Listed on Nomadic Travel’s Top 2300 Travel Blogs on the Internet.

18th December – Listed as number 5 in Hello Travel’s Top Solo Woman Travel Blogs of 2016

5th December – Featured on December Instagram #Trips100 Round Up

5th November  – Contributed to Travel Bloggers Reveal Common Travel Scams Around the World

13th September – Travel Blogs – List of Top 2300 Blogs On The Internet

18th July – Featured on July Instagram #Trips100 Round Up

24th May – Featured on May Instagram #Trips100 Round Up


21st September 2015 – Contributed to 9 Places to Visit in Bangalore


3rd December – Making my first visit and donation to Ashanilaya Orphanage in Bangalore, India.


4th November – Contributed to an article on Country Hopping Couple’s blog.